35° Pezcoller Symposium | New Technologies for Studying and Treating Cancer

June 24th, 25th 2024 - Trento


Interactions between cancer cells and host cells, both locally and at a distance, can positively or negatively affect tumor growth. Cancer cells, in turn, cause many local and systemic effects (e.g. paraneoplastic effects) that profoundly influence patient morbidity and mortality. New tools have emerged for monitoring the ways that cancer cells “communicate” with their hosts and vice versa. Moreover, therapies that target host-cancer interactions, such as angiogenesis inhibitors and immunotherapies, are now clinically validated. Topics to be included in this symposium include local interactions between cancer cells and host cells, recognition of cancer cells by the immune system (including the influence of the microbiome), paraneoplastic effects of cancer cells, and new cancer models to study heterotypic cancer cell interactions.

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